First Shipment of the Wave 1 Has Arrived!

It’s been an exciting day here at Optical Support, as the long-awaited retail version of Betz Tools’ Wave 1 has arrived, ready to ship to our customers who have pre-ordered from the first batch.

The Wave is a truly revolutionary product on the image stabilisation market. We all know the end goal of every piece of innovative equipment is to remove the movement barriers camera operators face in realising their creativity and obtaining the perfect shot as quickly and as comfortably as possible. The Wave 1 removes many barriers when it comes to shooting on vehicles or on water, and makes it possible to capture with the camera exactly what we capture with the human eye – in terms of horizon maintenance at least.

The technical low-down:

The Wave 1 allows operators to frame their shots while maintaining a perfectly level horizon within a 25° range, assisting operators to keep their picture level in difficult camera positions, including whip pans; running shots; varying wind conditions; and even when used on boats. Add to that the fact that it only requires 6cm in height and the integrated Quicklok for standard Steadicam® Dovetail plates, and you have yourself one easy, portable and entirely necessary horizon maintenance tool.

For more info on the Wave 1, check out our previous blog post, or the item page on our store.


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