Steadicam & Camera Stabilising Courses from Optical Support

Are you a camera operator, or someone hoping to move into operating Steadicam and camera stabilising equipment? If so, we have some great news: we now offer a range of courses for all skills levels, led by expert tutors. We’re the UK’s leading Steadicam facility, after all.

Our courses range from basic familiarisation to full training on everything from smaller camera systems to full size Steadicam rigs, and we can cater for individuals or small groups.

To get you started, legendary Steadicam operator Peter Cavaciuti has come up with some starter tips:

    “Posture, Posture, Posture. Always adopt an upright position when operating steadicam, don’t hunch you shoulders forwards as this will cramp your breathing and put more strain on your one and only spine. Don’t lean backwards either.

    Doing Pilates or Yoga is essential – partnering this with aerobic exercise, running or swimming is even better. If you want a long career in steadicam start by learning how to look after your body; pummelling yourself in the gym wont help — you need as much low-impact training as possible. Stretching is really important.”

#steadicam operator Peter Cavaciuti here on set of #nowyouseeme with #markruffalo.

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Zephyr Training Course

  • 1 day course: £375
  • 2nd day refresher course: £275

Archer Training Course

  • 1 day course: £375
  • 2nd day refresher course: £275

Combined Archer/Shadow/Pro Course

  • 2 day courses only: £995

Groups of 2 receive a per-person discount of 20%
Groups of 3 receive a per-person discount of 30%


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