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For over 20 years, Optical Support Ltd has been the leading camera stabilising and lens specialist in the UK.

We provide equipment rental, sales, service of camera stabilisation products, wireless systems, rickshaws and lens repair.

Any modifications that need to be made for Steadicams or lenses, Optical Support is here to provide precise and outstanding service, to ensure you receive equipment that is just right for you.

Not only do we provide modifications and equipment, we also provide our own line of Optical Support products such as the ‘Alexa Plate Mark 3’.

Optical Support’s third imagining of the Alexa Plate is revolutionising Steadicam operation.

The latest version of the best-selling Alexa Plate is designed to be as lightweight as possible, yet still provide all the benefits of a universal plate for the Arri Alexa. The new plate has an inch extra, to allow for easier adjustments.

Over the last two years, the sales side of the company has expanded greatly. Not only are we exclusive distributors for a number of international industry leading providers of image stabilisation solutions such as Inovativ, FlowCine and Focus Technologies, we are now ARRI CCS distributors specialising in the ARRI Trinity and Maxima.


We all headed down to Amsterdam for the IBC event.
Not only was it filled with familiar faces from around the world, but there were also new products, such as the ‘SRH-3’ (Stabilised Remote Head), which was displayed at the ARRI meeting.

Instead of connecting the ‘SRH-3’ to a PC, you can now adjust the settings ‘on the go’, with a newly designed control panel and joystick control. This will be available soon, so hold on tight. An exact date will be given later down the line.

We also celebrated 100 years of ARRI in the film industry.


We finally had the opportunity of taking a closer look at the ‘M-1 Volt’ and smaller handheld ‘Volt stabiliser’ for smart phones.
The M1V provides electronic assistance directly to the gimbal. This reduces the pendulum effect of the sled and allowing even more control while operating. The final version will have switchable power modes. It is also compatible with Steadicam M-1 gimbal only currently.


If you’re a constant vlogger or anyone who wants to take great shots, the handheld ‘Volt Stabiliser’ might be the product to consider. Not only is it easy to use, but it will give you a clear, stabilised shot with any compatible smartphone.