The Maxima is a three axis electronically fully stabilised high performance gimbal. Its compact design and perfect center of gravity provides new levels of freedom while its stable construction allows for compatibility with any camera system weighing 30 kg / 66 lb or less. At the center of the unique design is an extremely durable ball bearing roll cage, as well as specially designed brushless high torque motors, making sure that there is always enough power in reserve, no matter how demanding the application.


The Maxima is very versatile and quick to get balanced and set for shooting. The high weight capacity on the motors and system allows for very effective and easy stabilisation.


The mounting accessories provided with the kit allows the Maxima to be mounted and operated in a magnitude of ways, from steadicam arms, to tripods, to cranes and of course hand held.


The Maxima also comes with the option to be paired with a set of PLC Veracity Remote Wheels for remote operation and control.


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