DigiCase Pro

INOVATIV teamed up with SKB cases to create the strongest and safest way to transport your DigiPlate Pro system.

We chose the SKB 3i-2011-7b case because it is nearly bullet-proof and is the largest case you can use as a Carry-On with most airlines. The DigiCase Pro is gasketed, waterproof, dust-tight, extremely durable, and has a telescopic handle and wheels for easy transport. The DigiCase Pro is INOVATIV’s newest product to the DigiSystem lineup.

The DigiCase Pro is outfitted with brackets to mount the DigiPlate Pro inside creating a seemless flight-ready computer / equipment case. The 3i-2011-7b case is watertight and extremely rugged. A DigiPlate Pro with laptop, and computer accessories connected, will stow securley inside the DigiCase Pro.



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