Flowcine Black Arm

The Flowcine Black arm is a versatile, durable and effective tool for gimbal stabilisation. Our kit can be customised to fit many of the different on set requirements, we can provide a ‘rigid nose mount’ which locks the roll and tilt more suited for under-slinging the load. All of our kits are well maintained and come with a variety of tools and accessories to help get the kit up and running as quick as possible.

The Black arm is also a great tool that can be combined with out Mantis Rickshaw.

The Wire AVMs strengths: (please specify payload/set up when inquiring in possible)

  • 01 – 7-10 kg (15-22 lbs)
  • 02 – 10-14 kg (22-31 lbs)
  • 03 – 14-19 kg (31-42 lbs)
  • 04 – 19-26 kg (42-57 lbs)
  • 05 – 26-34 kg (57-75 lbs)

Tranquilizer strengths: (please specify payload/set up when inquiring in possible)

  • Shore 20 weight range: up to 5.40 – 10.75kg
  • Shore 30 weight range: up to 6.70 – 13.25kg
  • Shore 40 weight range up to 11.25 – 22.50kg
  • Shore 50 weight range up to 13.75 – 27.50kg
  • Shore 60 weight range up to 19.00 – 34.50kg

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