Flowcine G-Link Docking Station

The GLINK Docking Station allows the operator to easily store all necessary GLINK parts in one place while working on set. The main functions for the Docking Station are broken down into three important parts:

  1. Compact and secure docking of your GLINK CF Ring, gimbal/camera setup and GLINK stabilisation arms etc. The U-shape of the docking bracket allows any type of camera build to be docked with the CF Ring without collision problems. Since the total docking stand is mounted on a baby pin, it allows you to clear space on your camera cart for other things. If adding the Docking Station Tool Rack, sold separately, the docking stand can also carry all tools needed for adjustments etc.
  2. Allow accurate axis-by-axis type of balancing and guided gimbal docking. Together with the tilt swivel function of the GLINK gimbal handles and the Docking Station CF frame locks, the user can easily fine tune gimbal balance and overall balance of the  unit in separate stages. The docking stand is designed to make all kinds of balancing steps as quick and easy as possible, as the gimbal can be tilted in any direction. This allows to easily check the roll and pan balance of the gimbal unit as well. The Docking Station also has guide brackets next to the gimbal nest for the GLINK gimbal handles, making docking/undocking the GLINK arm post easy both over and under slung.
  3. Travel size friendly. The Docking Station is fully collapsible which means less space when traveling. Protective corner brackets makes the stand solid, and at the same time protects it well on set.



  • 1 pcs horizontal GLINK Docking Station bar incl. two arm hanger pins
  • 2 pcs vertical GLINK Docking Station bars CF frame locks
  • 2 pcs GLINK Docking Station corner brackets

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