Flowcine xDROP

The xDROP, is a new male socket block-to-female socket block connection bracket, that drops the arm connection to the vest approx 85mm or 3.4″ and offsets the same connection to the side 55mm or 2.2″. The “Plus” version also offsets the female socket block outwards from the vest, giving more clearance to the buckle. This is needed on for example a GPI PRO vest.

This creates more space between the operators gimbal controlling arm and his/her articulated stabilizer arm connection, resulting in better freedom for the operators arm as well as better space between the vest, arm and sled.

The female socket end allows of a greater tilt adjustment angle (up to +/-16.5 degrees, depending on male socket block) than traditional ones, also since you can now adjust this from both female socket blocks end you have a lot more tilt adjustment.

Since the xDROP is not a permanently fixed bracket, you can choose to leave it connected on the articulated stabilizer arm and insert it in/out on your vest together as one piece, or you can let it be connected on your vest and just connect your arm in and out as usual.
It works both ways and this can be particularly useful to GPI PRO vest owners operating goofy, where the waist latch lock is in the way when using a drop down bracket and they cannot open or close it without modification. With the xDROP they can just add or remove the arm and xDROP together off their vest, eliminating the problem.

The xDROP works with all universal steadicam type vests, such as Tiffen Exovest, GPI PRO vests and all universal socket block steadicam type arms. However, if you have a buckle at the same side as the socket block connection that sticks out, for example as it does on a GPI PRO vest, we recommend getting the “Plus” version of the xDROP.

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