GPI PRO HD Cine Live Kit

The comprehensive GPI Pro HD Kit comes complete with the Pro Cinelive Sled, Transvideo 8″ monitor, Stand, Sandbag, Pro vest, and Pro arm. The GPI pro arm is supplied with 4 blue and 4 black GPI Pro canisters to allow the operator to customise the weight capacity for each individual situation.

Experienced operators will appreciate the ability to use lighter capacity springs in the arm when a lighter weight camera is used. This will reduce the “springiness” feeling usually associated with heavyweight arms when used with lighter setups. Now the user can pick the best spring combination for the shot.

The kit also comes with 12 batteries – 6 OS Impact 130s, and 6 PAG L95s, 2 chargers, and an accessory kit including power cables, plates & more.

£500 per day

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