GPI PRO Titan Arm

The Titan is the same PRO Arm workhorse with a new name since we introduced the new Atlas Arm. It incorporates the finest materials and structural design principles in order to achieve the highest standards of strength and rigidity. A Departure from traditional tensioning methods in the Titan has resulted in minimal friction and a force curve designed to complement an operator’s instincts. The Titan PRO Arm is modular, simple, reliable, and easily maintained in the field. It is easily configured to accommodate a wide variety of load requirements using Blue and Black spring canisters only. With the ability to use any paired configuration (2 or 4), the weight range is extremely versatile.


  • Highest Standards of Strength & Rigidity
  • Extremely Versatile Weight Range
  • Paired with Blue and Black Spring Canisters
  • Modular, Simple, Reliable & Easily Maintained in the Field

TITAN ARM CAN LIFT:  13-72 lbs (6-32.6 kg)

ARM WEIGHT: 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg)

BOOM RANGE: 24 inches (60 cm)

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