Preston DM5 Motor

  • Miniature motor with enough torque and speed for all but the heaviest zoom lenses
  • Lightest, most compact Preston motor available
  • Integrated Kipp handle and clamp to mount up to 3 DM5’s on a single swing arm motor bracket

The DM5 is a small motor with big performance. It offers a combination of speed and torque optimised for minimum size and weight. It is perfectly suited for handheld, steadicam, or other weight-critical applications. Like all Preston digital motors, the DM5 is built to last with metal (not plastic) internal gears, coated with Diamond-Like Carbon that virtually eliminates wear and backlash.

The standard output gear is 0.25” wide, but can be swapped for a 0.5” version for lenses with significant travel on the focus ring. You can also stack multiple gears with the three 2-56 thread screw holes in the side of the gear to achieve the same effect. The unique clamp assembly means you can mount multiple DM5 motors on a single bracket and 15mm rod, eliminating additional motor brackets and making for a lighter, more compact camera package.

This unit comes with:

  • Kipp Handle
  • 15mm rod

Product ID: 4209


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