Preston Radio Micro Force

  • Connect to any compatible Preston Micro Force for standalone wireless zoom control
  • G4 wireless system for industry-leading range and interference rejection
  • Tri-color LED indicates wireless signal strength, red LED indicates camera run/stop status
  • Bright red LEDs display wireless channel and current zoom position

The Radio Micro Force gives you the freedom to zoom without being tethered to an HU4 or connected directly to the camera/lens. It uses the G4 wireless communication system for rock-solid performance and automatically takes control of the zoom motor in the FI+Z system whenever its present on the network. The module utilises a rigid bracket to attach above a Micro Force for stable, balanced, all-day operation.


This unit comes with:

  • Bracket to connect to a Micro Force
  • #4449 (Digital) or #4448 (Analog) Micro Force Cable
  • 2x FM-50 batteries
  • FM-50 battery charger

Product ID: 4015-G4

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