Pro Ultra Kit

The Pro Ultra Kit is a portable and ruggedized digital photographic workstation that is configured with  DigiSystem products. Based on the DigiPlate Pro tethering plate and housed in the waterproof DigiCase Pro, the Pro Ultra Kit is in a league of its own. There is no other 1-case solution in the marketplace that gives you the ability to travel with both a full DSLR camera setup and laptop computer system as does the Pro Ultra Kit.

The Pro Ultra Kit includes a DigiCase Pro, DigiPlate Pro, a set of our new universal laptop clamps that are compatible with Apple’s newest MacBook Pro Retina and are adjustable from 0.375in – 1.0in, a set of accessory clamps that can accommodate accessories measuring 0.5in – 1.5in in height, a DigiShade Pro or DigiShade Universal, a DigiMouse Pad, DigiLegs, and a DigiBase.

Kit Includes:
DigiCase Pro | DigiPlate Pro | DigiClamps – Laptop Universal | DigiClamps – Accessory Universal | DigiShade Pro or DigiShade Universal | DigiMouse Pad | DigiLegs | DigiBase

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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