Smart Grip

The Smart Grip allows all appropriate ENG-style cameras to be mounted on the Gravity One. The grip clamps on to the camera’s handle and allows for top mounting on the Gravity One.

The top mount leaves the camera’s bottom free and allows the cameraman to easily put the camera on his shoulder, when needed, without interference of the Gravity One. It also leaves the bottom plate free for mounting the camera onto a tripod using the appropriate camera plate.

The Smart Grip can also be used as a low mode Steadicam bracket, as it allows you to mount any Steadicam dovetail plate on top of the camera. You can have this permanently mounted on your handle for quick high to low mode changes. All you need is an extra Steadicam dovetail plate. You can mount the Smart Grip directly on the Gravity One trim stage without the use of the dovetail design.


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