Walter Klassen Flex Harness Vest

The Walter Klassen FLEX Harness is custom made to provide superior comfort and reliability on the most demanding film sets. At the centre of the FLEX Harness is the Walter Klassen back mount system that redistributes the camera load, preserving your energy for long days on set. Beginning with a lightweight carbon fibre shell, the FLEX harness is formed to fit with optimal comfort so you can operate your best whether you’re bending down, running, or in awkward positions. We use a blend of closed cell foams and a contoured inflatable air bladder to provide excellent lumbar support providing more comfort when operating. The FLEX harness works with our back mounted Carbon arm for Steadicam operating, providing stiffness and adjustability for a variety of camera packages. Paired with our SlingShot rig, the FLEX harness can also dynamically support handheld or gimbal work. Your FLEX harness can also be configured to suit your style and brand. We offer coloured linings and a custom embossed name plate to lend a personalised touch to your vest. The Walter Klassen FLEX vest offers the best fit and long term comfort for all camera operators in a lightweight and dependable package. Your body will thank you for letting us support you.


Due to the bespoke nature of the Klassen vest we will require specific information to ensure that the vest fits you perfectly. So upon your inquiry we will ask additional information regarding height and waist measurements etc.


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