One to One certificated steadicam training, hosted at our main office. The course is a perfect way into the world of steadicam giving you the foundations and skills to progress. The course is great for beginners and run over 2 consecutive days. However we can also do custom one day courses as a top-up for individuals who have undertaken a course previously or learnt through other means e.g. self taught.

Our Steadicam course is an indepth and intensive 2 day training practical seminar that will leave you equipped with the essential skills and foundations to continue solo training and whilst you build up the skills to work efficiently, effectively and confidently on any set and shot.

Due to the nature of the one to one, our qualified and experienced trainer works in tandem with the student as they develop and show their own natural skill levels. As a loose/basic outline our course aims to hit the following.

1. Identifying the basic components of any Steadicam rig.
2. Mounting any type of Camera.
3. Camera and Accessories, power, monitor and video signals.
4. Static balance of the rig, drop time and its differences in operating.
5. Different types of Vests. Vest fitting to the body.
6. Arm adjustments in relation to the Vest. Arm tension in relation to the weight of the rig.
7. Undocking the Rig. Finding a good operating posture and balance of the rig in relation to the body.
8. Control of the Rig position with the body.
9. Starting and stopping a moving shot. Walking forwards and backwards.
10. Rig control and position in all possible

11. Rickshaw operation

12: Stairs up and down
13: Long take stamina and performance
We can also offer advanced one day top up sessions for those operators who have undertaken another course previously.

We continue to support all course alumni on their journey with regular bookable practice sessions and access to our equipment.

Pricing: £497.50 per day+VAT


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