TRINITY 1 Modification

Our full T1 modification package contains the following features.

· Full 360-degree rotation on the roll axis. This is gained by a large link cable, when not being used in 360 roll mode you can swap this out for a shorter standard cable giving you 90-degree movement either side of ring.

· 12/24V throughout the sled allowing the use of 24V to power certain cameras when necessary.

· Ergonomic thumb control with integrated profile indicator. The thumb control allows you to customise the position of the joystick for a very comfortable operating grip. It also features a roll rocker for the index finger to allow seamless movement of tilt and toll axes at the same time.

· The simplified profile interface shows the profile in which the head is currently in. You can cycle through the 5 possible profiles using the thumb control button and rocker.

· The head now features a ‘home button’ which no matter what position it is in, it will return to true ‘0.0’ on both tilt and roll axes.

· Pendulum Extension bracket and heavy pendulum weights are also included. These push more weight out of the bottom of the sled, allowing aid with fish tailing and keeping the gimbal further away from the head itself, giving you room to operate.

· The Trinity Accessory Bracket is also included. This locks the two front angled batteries together and means you have much more adjustment on the positioning of them as one piece. It also doubles up as a cheese plate to mount any accessory you may need.

· This upgrade also introduces an entirely new app system to adjust the head’s settings and profiles. This is accessed by any Wi-Fi device such as an iPhone, tablet or android.

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