Betz Universal Dovetail Plate

Designed to mount any camera set-up in a solid and proper way.

  • Adaptor for front and rear mounting on the ARRI Alexa
  • Adaptor for front and rear mounting for Sony/ARRI AmiraV-Mount.
  • Dovetail plate size fits on Tiffen Steadicam®, Betz-Tools RIG, PRO, MK-V.
  • Absolute sturdy and vibration free.


ARRI Alexa/Alexa LF/Alexa Plus/AlexaXT not for Alexa Studio/65
Solid front mounting adaptor with two 3/8“ screws. The rear fixing screw ensures a solid and reliable interface between camera and dovetail plate.


All other camera mounts
For standard 3/8“ or 1/4“ screws, slot holes for any kind of mounting configurations including ARRI and Panavision movie cameras.


Universal camera dovetail plate size
Effects also a quick swap over to tripods, shoulder mounts, Steadicams® or any other camera supports with Betz-Tools Quicklok™ .


Optimised for:
ARRI: Alexa, Alexa65, Alexa Mini, AlexaM, Amira
Panavision: Any
RED: Epic, Scarlet, Raven, Weapon etc.
Black Magic: URSA, URSA Mini
Sony, Ikegami, Canon, Panasonic

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