Flowcine Black Front Extension Block

For the larger frame gimbals, you may need to extend the Black a little bit. Our Front extension blocks come in three lengths, 100mm, 180mm and 300mm.
Common use cases for the different lengths would be the 100mm block for the DJI Ronin 2, the 180mm block for the Shotover G1 and the 300mm block for the Freefly MoVI XL.

The extra length of the arm adds leverage, due to this we recommend a lower max load for the arm. See the table for the recommended max loads for each block.

Note: The Extension blocks should always be used with the External rubber stoppers, which makes sure the Black operates within the desired angles and don’t hit it’s end points. With the extra leverage on the arm it’s important to keep things safe and be extra careful when operating. The external rubber stoppers are included in the current Black arm kit, but if you have an older unit you may have to add the stoppers to your order.

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