Flowcine G-Link

The GLink is a new gimbal body support system. It is designed to work with the various Freefly systems gimbals, the DJI Ronin 2 and other types of electronic stabilizing heads/systems like the Betz Wave, ARRI Trinity and MK-V AR. It also supports fix camera builds in handheld mode using the handheld mount unit.


The GLink allows the operator to create smooth walking and running shots by stabilising and reducing steps and other movements from the human body and movements. Alongside the excellent vertical isolation the Glink allows the operator to pan both left and right whilst walking in a straight line, and also offers a very large linear boom range thanks to the retraction brackets. Essentially allowing the operator to boom from eye level to a low mode camera lens positioning.


The kit includes the Flowcine xSpine Vest, two telescopic mounts+retraction bracket arms, two vertical isolation arms+arm post, two triaxial gimbals, mounting bracket and the mounting carbon fibre Ring. The GLink has a lift range between 6kg-18.5kg (13lbs – 40.5lbs)


There are three different spring cores for the GLink all with different weight ranges. Depending on your package you will need to choose which will work best for you.

Orange: 6-11kg (13lbs-24lbs)

Black: 10kg-15.5kg (22lbs-34lbs)

Grey: 12.5-18.5kg (27.5lbs-40.5lbd)

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