Flowcine X-R3ACH

The xR3ACH is a groundbreaking new hybrid back mount that not only serves as a back mount but also acts as a single section articulated stabilization arm.

Using the technology from the Xarm the result is a very robust hybrid back mount, with a small footprint that can take loads up to 29 kg/64 lbs. The xR3ACH is back mounted and fits the Tiffen Steadicam Fawcett Exovest and the Walter Klassen Flex Vest.

The boom range of the xR3ACH is 390 mm/15.3 inches, so when used in combination with the Xarm, you get a total boom range of 120 cm/47 inches


Weight Ranges:

Blue 17-22.5 kg / 37-49.5 lbs

Orange 20-25.5 kg / 44.5-56 lbs

Purple 23.5-29 kg / 52-64 lbs

Green 14-19.5 kg / 31-43 lbs

Teal 8-14 kg / 17.5-31 lbs


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