FLOWCINE xARM Waterproof Cover

The xARM Waterproof cover, is our thinnest and softest cover for the xARM. Its inner fleece material keeps the xARM intact from anything that might rub against it. Its snug fit make the cover a great companion, to protect the arm from sand/dust/rain etc. without interrupting your work.

The waterproof cover has two small zippers that allows direct access for tensioning the xARM spring cores, and has a velcro flap in the front for easy access to the arm post. The cover is fully waterproof with its polyester/TPU outer layer and insulated zippers. We recommend using this cover in all types of weather, as it will keep the arm looking brand new for many years to come, and keep maintenance to a minimum.

The cover comes in two colors, the traditional black and the light gray “desert”. The light gray desert model is recommended for warmer conditions, when you need a good cover against sand and dust, while working in direct sunlight. The light grey polyester fabric, keeps the arm cool and you don’t have to worry about touching any hot parts when being out in the sun.

The cover can be hand washed up to 40C.

Note: The fabric in the light grey cover is slightly stiffer than the black cover due to its reflective properties, and creates a slight wrinkle noise.

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