Flowcine xSpine Back Relief Pad

The xSPINE Back relief pad, is designed to more evenly distribute the payload of your sled or GLINK, spreading the force between the upper, middle and lower trapezius muscles instead of just the upper parts. This new back relief pad gives a improved feeling in the back, due to the increased support area.

It’s designed to be added in seconds and it can be adjusted by unlocking the center back screw and sliding it up and down, placing it at the exactly right height according to your body size.

The back relief panel is made of carbon fiber and ships with two extra pad layer spacers and a soft 3d mesh foam pad. This allows you to have the correct pressure on your back by adding or removing the spacers.

Added weight, without spacer pads, is 180 grams (each extra spacer pad is 39 gram).

It works well for both front and back mounts.


  • 1 pcs xSPINE CF back relief panel
  • 1 pcs xSPINE dual lock
  • 2 pcs xSPINE back relief pads
  • 1 pcs xSPINE back relief 3d mesh foam padding

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