GPI PRO Atlas Arm

The Atlas is PRO’s newest arm. It is made with the same quality as the Titan but carries half the payload at an economical price. It incorporates the finest materials and structural design principles in order to achieve the highest standards of strength and rigidity. A Departure from traditional tensioning methods in the Atlas has resulted in minimal friction and a force curve designed to complement an operator’s instincts. The Atlas PRO Arm is modular, simple, reliable, and easily maintained in the field. It is easily configured to accommodate a wide variety of load requirements with the ability to utilize Blue, Black and Gray spring canisters. The Gray canisters are unique to the Atlas, designed specifically with the Atlas arm in mind. With the ability to use any paired configuration (2 or 4), the weight range is extremely versatile.


  • Highest Standards of Strength & Rigidity
  • Extremely Versatile Weight Range
  • Paired with Blue,Black & Gray Canisters
  • Same Quality, Half the Payload

ATLAS ARM CAN LIFT:  13-45 lbs (6-20.4 kg)

ARM WEIGHT: 11 lbs (3.4 kg)

BOOM RANGE: 26 inches (66 cm)

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