GPI PRO Telescoping Centre Post

The Telescoping Center Poster system makes use of a quick connect/disconnect assembly at each end of the post and is a solid, two-piece construction. It features the same tool-less clamping system as the PRO VZ Gimbal Grip and

Gen III Battery Hanger.


Inside the post is a coiled cable consisting of (18) conductors all of which are terminated at each end by a LEMO EGG.3B.856.CLM3 connector. The Telescoping Center Post does away with the slotted inner post of the previous model. The slot is replaced by a pair of channels running the length of the innerpost. By doing away with the slot, the Telescoping Center Post maintains the rigidity of a fixed post without sacrificing the benefits of an

adjustable post. Collapsed, the post measures 17.375 inches and expanded, the post measures, 27.624 inches.


  • Solid Two-Piece Construction
  • Tool-Less Clamping System
  • Increased Stiffness Throughout Extension
  • Mechanically Indexed Sections

COLLAPSED LENGTH :  17.375 inches

(44.1325 cm)

EXTENDED LENGTH: 27.625 inches

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