Jackal Rickshaw – Super Bundle

The Jackal Rickshaw is a portable, lightweight rickshaw for camera operating use. It is an

extremely versatile, customisable and reliable system. This will outline the main typical uses of its design; however, it is important to remember that the different accessories for the system allow you to customise the rickshaw to you or your clients’ needs. We built the highest quality rickshaw based on years of experience designing and renting our industry standard Mantis rickshaw that is known worldwide.


Jackal Rickshaw with Case

The Standard Jackal system includes the mainframe, adjustable seat, wheels and case. This packs down into its flight case with a weight of 42kg. The list below outlines the main features of the Standard Jackal.


  • Removable standard wheels.
  • Removable caster wheel (Typically removed when using at high speed to avoid wobble

effect on the caster wheel).

  • Dampening clamp for caster wheel to allow a firmer steer or to also be locked off for a

straight tracking shot or even on an arc.

  • Width adjustable axles for stability, the standard axle width at its minimum is sized to fit

through a standard door width.

  • Height adjustable seat with seatbelt, adjustable for both shot design and also height of


  • Adjustable foot rests.
  • Standard Jackal handle with adjustable angle. (Usually adjusted for speed, weight and

available space while undergoing manoeuvres. This also allows the operator to stay on a

horizontal plain while seated).


The Jackal Rickshaw – Camera Mount

The Camera Accessory mount is a front mounting bar which is an accessory for the Jackal. This is used and designed mainly for Steadicam. You are able to attach a Steadicam Hard mount to the Scaffold pole provided in the accessory kit in one 5 mounting points available. This mount is also adjustable in terms of how far it protrudes in front of the Jackal Rickshaw. This is helpful when an operator is taller or if you need to balance the payload around the axle for the grip’s benefit in ease of use.


(The Camera Mount kit includes everything listed in the base version above)


Jackal Rickshaw – Super Bundle

The Jackal Rickshaw Super Bundle is the most superior Jackal package that we currently offer. This comprises of all of the kit listed above in both the standard and camera mount variations. This kit includes all of the extra accessories we currently make for the Jackal.

The additional items in the super bundle are as follows;


  • Accessory Bridge
  • Balloon Wheels with Case
  • Extended Handles (Allowing for a larger surface area, meaning two grips can now push along the Jackal with more ease than before)
  • Extended Long Seat Post (For use with taller operators)
  • Extra Scaffold Pole
  • Scaffold Support Brace


(The Jackal Super Bundle includes everything listed in the base and camera mount version above)


All Jackal Rickshaw Super Bundle accessory options can be purchased À la carte for existing Jackal owners. If you would wish to purchase something extra for your kit, please contact [email protected]

enquire about our


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