Kenyon KS6x6 Gyro Steadicam Kit

The KS 6×6 gyro has become our most popular gyro. Steadicam operators have found this gyro to be the perfect solution for being able to easily attach the gyro to their rigs. The configuration of the 6×6 gyro makes it much easier to balance the rig and can be easily attached to the bottom of the rig in place of one of the batteries. We can make a custom plate with the three brass studs normally found on an Anton Bauer battery. Comes with one detachable cable to go from the gyro to the inverter and one DC power cable to go from the inverter to your power source. The gyro will have a 1B lemo connector and the inverter can either be all XLR connectors or all lemo connectors or a hybrid of AC lemo and DC XLR.
This is considered a custom order. Please contact us once order has been placed to discuss your needs. You will need to decide the length of the cables and what connectors you would like in the inverter.

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