OSproducts Dragonfly Kit

The new and exciting stabiliser system by OSproducts, the dragonfly is an extremely robust and relatively lightweight system with a 3 stage telescoping post.

Made from hard anodised aluminium, it is extremely durable. The simplified power system allows the sled to be run in 12v parallel with any battery configuration, this allows for 24v and 12v hot swap capability. The 4 plate system as up to 14 different alignments and configurations for a smooth and easy balancing process.

Operators can choose between a GPI PRO vest, Exo Vest, Klassen Flex Vest or Tiffen Ultra 2 vest (please specify on enquiry if there is a preference or the GPI PRO vest will be provided)

Please contact us for further kit information or for a fully customised quote and rates please contact us using the email box below.

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