Preston Lightranger 2

The Light Ranger 2 is the first and only focus assist system designed for modern high-resolution cameras. The LR2 incorporates an infrared LED/sensor system with 16 distinct measurement zones, allowing the focus puller to visualize the depth of an entire scene without looking away from the monitor. In this era of shooting the rehearsal, the LR2 provides focus pullers with innovative tools to accurately judge focus distance in even the toughest shooting scenarios.

The LR2 is ideal for crane, car-to-car, dolly, Steadicam, handheld gimbal, and other shots where the camera is moving. It also excels in low-light and any other shot with extremely shallow depth-of-field.

On request the kit can be supplied with the standard LR2 sensor, LR2 Wide or the LR2 Medium


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