FLOWCINE Super High/Low Mode Link Bracket

The Super-high/low mode link bracket joins two arm posts with a lockable link, allowing the long and regular arm posts to be used both in high mode and low mode.

In low mode, the user uses the 265mm /10.5″ or 165mm /6.5″ in the xARM and clamps the bracket at the bottom of the post, with the regular arm post on the other side connected to the gimbal. This gives 70mm more clearance between the sled and the arm and up to 215mm / 8.45″ lower connection to the gimbal than normal arm post.

In high to super-high mode, the user uses the 265 mm/10.5″ or 165 mm/6.5″ in the xARM and clamps the post at the top with the link bracket and with the secondary long arm post or regular arm post connected to the gimbal.

The bracket serves the purpose not only extending high-mode, but also allows for better hand placement on the bracket itself, instead of on the gimbal. In low mode this combination gives an extra 70mm between the sled and the arm as well, giving more clearance and lower more comfortable operating. With both long arm posts, this super-high mode allows up to a 315mm / 12.4″ higher connection than the normal arm post.

Note: The link bracket only works with xARM arm posts.


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