FLOWCINE xARM Winter Softshell Cover

The Winter softshell cover is a neoprene cover that keeps your xARM performing at its best at sub-zero temperature (0C/32F down to -20C/-4F). The cover comes with two USB-A connectors that allows the operator to connect it to a USB powerbank with 2A 5V and/or 1A 5V connector. The cables can be routed, either for Regular or Goofy operators, through a silicon opening on each side near the socket block.
There is a passive heating group used when the arm is placed on temporary storage.  The 2nd active heating group can be used when operating with the arm (arm in use).
There are three heating powers:
1. RED = warmest, that is suitable for -20C to -10C outdoor temperature).
2. WHITE = medium temperature from -10C to 0C.
3. BLUE = low output, where your ambient temperature is around zero degree celsius.
The different heating levels enables the cover to heat the spring core to room temperature, thus providing the same lift capacity/feeling as working indoors and moving outdoors.
The softshell has fully insulated zippers, and the neoprene is fully waterproof, which makes it ideal for outdoor work in harsh conditions.
Note: The Winter softshell cover is included with every xARM.

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