Kenyon KS6 Gyro Steadicam Kit

This dual KS-6 Kenyon gyro kit has been developed especially for Steadicam operators to attach to their rigs. The KS-6 gyros have used for many years on Steadicam rigs when filming in windy or other challenging conditions. Getting usable footage becomes far easier when filming from a vehicle when using our gyros.
Two KS-6 gyros with custom dual lemo connector blocks. The dual lemo blocks allow the two gyros to be “daisy chained” together to allow one cable to plug into the inverter.
One 14 volt dual lemo inverter
Two gyro cables with 0B lemo connectors on both ends
One DC power cable with a 1B lemo connector on one end (plugs into the inverter) and your choice of a Anton Bauer P-Tap connector or 4 pin XLR connector.

             All in one iM2200 Storm case.

     This is considered a custom order, so when placing the order, please be sure to contact us with any questions and your desired cable lengths and connectors.

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