Preston Digital Micro Force 3

Preston Digital Micro Force 3


  • Industry standard zoom control now featuring advanced self-calibration technology to eliminate motor creep and periodic adjustments
  • Force-sensor joystick and adjustable speed control knob allow smooth and precise zooms
  • Soft stop functionality automatically slows the motor a user-settable distance from the end of its travel

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The Digital Micro Force 3 builds on the technology which has made the Micro Force line the bestselling zoom control worldwide for over three decades. The all-new design features automatic self-calibration upon power up, which eliminates motor creep and always ensures smooth, repeatable operation.

When used with a Y-Cable, the soft stop function allows the user to automatically slow the zoom a programmed distance from its end of travel. This is especially useful when does a fast “snap” zoom, or when the user must both operate the camera and control the zoom at the same time. The speed adjustment knob is virtually indestructible and turns with glassy smoothness. Zoom speed and position are indicated with bright red LED numeric and bargraph displays. Use the Set/Reset buttons to pre-set the focal length limits.

The DMF3 can directly drive digital motors through a Y-cable or the Analog port of an MDR-3 or MDR-4. It can also drive the internal servos of Canon & Fujinon ENG style lenses through a straight cable. Want to go wireless? Simply attach the DMF3 to the Zoom port of an HU4 or plug it into a Radio Micro Force module to control the MDR’s Zoom motor.

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