Preston DM1X Motor

  • Fastest digital lens motor available, perfect for quick Focus racks and Light Ranger 2 autofocus
  • Detachable 15mm rod for quick and easy bracket mounting solutions

The DM1X is the fastest digital lens motor on the market. It’s also our quietest motor, ideal for the Focus channel due to its high torque and speed capabilities. Like all Preston digital motors, the DM1X is built to last with metal (not plastic) internal gears, coated with Diamond-Like Carbon that virtually eliminates wear and backlash.

The standard output gear is 0.25” wide, but can be swapped for a 0.5” version for lenses with significant travel on the focus ring. You can also stack multiple gears with the three 2-56 thread screw holes in the side of the gear to achieve the same effect. The 15mm rod makes for easy and compact coupling to lenses using our motor brackets, and can easily be switched to the opposite side of the motor for mounting versatility.

This unit comes with:

  • 15mm rod

Product ID: 4205


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