Matrix Sled Chimera

The CHIMERA version is the ultimate tool for Cinema cameras.

The perfect fusion between all the specs of Matrix Sled EXTREME and the technology offered by Volt™ system from STEADICAM™

As for the EXTREME sled, it can be possible to balance the heavier cameras thanks to additional counterbalance weights included.
The Micrometric non floating head backlash compensated topstage give to you a super stable Camera mount.
Thanks to the Monitor LCD holder on separate rods it is possible to achieve maximum stiffness and flexibility.
The Innovative Battery management based on Double Vlock or Goldmount Battery slots let you choose to operate +12V or 24V with an extra C-Battery Slots.

A 1.575″ / 40mm Carbon fiber Telescopic center post grants the ultimate rigidity of the system defining a total weight of 5.5kgs without counterbalance weights.

Hard Case included

Available with VLock or 3Studs battery mount

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